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How Kody Brown’s Marriage To Robyn Faltered After The Other Sister Wives Left


All is not well for “Sister Wives” star Kody Brown, so it seems. He started out as a polygamist with four wives but was forced into monogamy when two of them left him, and his third wife stopped trying to reconcile with him. Christine Brown was the first to break the ice by leaving Kody, which the ex-spouses announced on social media in November 2021. Janelle Brown, Kody’s second wife and the second to leave the plural family, split from the controversial reality star not even a year later, breaking the news in a “Sister Wives” finale special. Kody was able to push another partner of his, Meri Brown, away in less than 14 months, with the two splitting in January 2023.

The patriarch’s three splits have affected his remaining wife, Robyn Brown, who’s been left to fend for herself. Kody has been feeling insecure, Robyn told People in August 2023, revealing that she had to stop him from sabotaging their marriage, too.

Following the ordeal, the divisive celebrity shared his side of the story. His divorces caused him to lose faith, as he admitted in his own interview with People, especially because he attempted to make amends with some of his ex-wives but was turned down. In the midst of his struggles, his marriage to Robyn might be on the rocks as well.

Nobody expected Kody Brown’s growing distance from Robyn

Despite fans and even the Brown family believing that Robyn was Kody’s favorite wife, it’s becoming increasingly clear that it wasn’t that straightforward. Now that the two have found themselves with no one but each other, they’re not so happy about it.

When speaking to People, Robyn shared that Kody has gotten distant from her as a result of his three divorces. “[It’s] almost like he’s stressed out that I’ll leave him too,” she explained. In another talk with the outlet, the mom of five described their situation as a nightmare and claimed she felt like they’d failed by letting go of their joint family.


Kody has already expressed his doubts about polygamy, and there has been speculation that he has abandoned the lifestyle completely. Robyn, on the other hand, has been outspoken about her desire to have a plural family, which naturally includes sister wives. Given that Kody has stated he is unlikely to marry ever again, Robyn’s plural dream seems to be fading away. With their differing views on polygamy and Kody’s unconscious estrangement, is Robyn’s marriage next in Kody’s faltering line?

Kody’s chances of reconciling with an ex are slim

Kody Brown doesn’t feel any better about everything that went down, confessing that he feels cast down. “We’ve been through a very hard experience, and our reaction to it has changed us. We are not the same,” the polygamist told People of his remaining marriage to Robyn Brown. He’s also doubting his religion, he noted, which doesn’t come as a surprise since he’s previously blamed God for his difficulties in plural marriages.

Now that the patriarch is facing more challenges in his one and only relationship, one must wonder if there is any hope of reconciliation with any of his ex-wives. Christine Brown is clearly out of the picture, given that she’s engaged – and this might’ve hit Kody the hardest. He initially didn’t even accept their split and sought to work things out, a notion Christine quickly squashed.

Meri and Janelle Brown have both gone on with their lives, but a family insider told The U.S. Sun that Janelle would be open to taking Kody back. There was no word on Meri’s feelings, but considering that Kody was the one to leave her, she might be over the whole story. Robyn remains the only wife left standing, and as Season 18 of “Sister Wives” unravels further, we’ll see how both Kody and Robyn handle the monogamous challenge they were presented with.


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