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Sister Wives: Kody Says He’s Heartbroken Because Of Meri!


Meri and Kody Brown had been walking on thin ice for almost a decade. The latter stayed with the polygamous family with the hope of winning her husband’s heart once again. Sister Wives Season 18 documented the painful side of her relationship with Kody.

She spent the longest time with the patriarch, as Meri was his first wife. Hence, she had seen the family and its members go through many different phases. Kody, on the other hand, had a completely different version of the story than his exes.

The patriarch has been in a monogamous relationship with Robyn Brown after his three other wives walked away. He has been making harsh statements about his loveless marriage with Meri Brown. The TLC celeb recently revealed that he was heartbroken because of his first wife. But why?

Sister Wives: Kody Reveals Meri Left Him Heartbroken!

Kody and Meri struggled hard to navigate through their loveless marriage. Finally, the Sister Wives celeb decided to pull the plug on their relationship by the finale of Season 18. Now, the stars are spilling the tea about their relationship dynamics in the four-part Tell All.

Recently, ET released a new sneak peek of the Tell All episode. In it, Kody opened up about his nonexistent relationship with Meri Brown. Sukanya Krishnan

sat down with the patriarch, Christine, and Janelle to discuss Robyn’s involvement in Meri and Kody’s relationship.

She asked if he ever told his fourth wife that he no longer felt married to Meri. Kody confessed, “Yeah, of course Robyn knows where I’m at.” The ex-polygamist stated that he couldn’t be in love with his first wife because it was not safe for him.


He added, “ I’m not going to sit here and drive the bus over her because this is sad. It’s heartbreaking. It just didn’t work.” Later, Janelle opened up about Robyn’s involvement in her husband and Meri’s conversation during the Sister Wives Tell All.

She felt that Robyn really tried to advocate for Meri, for better or for worse. She said, “If Kody can’t talk to Meri alone, then they probably shouldn’t be having any kind of conversations.” However, everything looked like a big mess for Janelle as she couldn’t understand why Meri used to call Robyn between their conversations.

Sister Wives: Meri Hints About Writing Her Own Tell-All Book!

Meri Brown stayed mum for all these years to save her marriage with Kody Brown. However, she finally lost her calm and decided to live a life away from Kody’s toxicities. Fans of the Sister Wives series have been noticing a big change in Meri’s personality in the new Tell All episodes.

She raised eyebrows after claiming that she should tell her story to the world now. Recently, some fans took to Reddit to discuss many theories about Meri’s statement. They pointed out her recent Instagram story, where she posted a suggestive caption.

Meri even wrote, “There’s So Much More To The Story.” in the caption. Now fans are guessing if she is writing a book to share her side of the story. Keep coming back to TV Seasons & Spoilers to know if Meri is actually writing a book and other Sister Wives updates.


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